Silence – Never a Noun; It is a Verb

Call it Peace, Call it Dumbness, Call it Omerta – It all means the same to any person who has started of his quest to unleash the golden weapon from his arsenal – Silence.I have started this blog as a test of my character. Actually, I have been deeply motivated, to be more exact pushed, by those around me to seek silence and solitude as a way to put me in peace.Since it is not in my character to back off from any challenge, i have started in this quest of Silence.I am not a perfect man to comment about this subject, but a person who is search of an Object knows better, than a person who already in possession of it. That is the power of nostalgia. The way to silence is full of Lessons which i found to be fascinating and that will be the essence of this article.

People generally associate Deep Silence with Death, the one that has not been conquered by mankind till date. i feel that it just proves that no one has ever ventured into the quest for the Deepest silence in their living days. Another common folly is that people refer Silence as a direct result or outcome of sorrow. Why is it so!!! Is it a crime to be silent at times of happiness and joy. Had you watched the movie ” The Pursuit of Happyness”, you might recollect that in the closing scenes, actor Will Smith had truly exhibited the quality of acting by expressing his happiness just by emotions and not by words. So just keep it in mind that Silence is not an indicator of just Sorrow. It needs a mature mind to effectively use Silence to express any of his emotions.

On the basis of my experimentation with the path to Silence, i could classify people into three broad categories, and tell you their vision about Silence.

They refer to Silence as :
1. Peace
2. Omerta
3. Dumbness

People who have searched for reasons all through their life and and are still in pursuit of the same till their last breath feel the serenity of Silence as Peace. They form the category of Individuals who give out selfless service and display their modesty when it comes to claiming the reward.The next category of people who lead a principled life irrespective of whether it is in the right path or not, but never move out of the path, refer to Silence as a code which i hade given the nomenclature as Omerta. Omerta is not a household term and it requires explanation. It is a term used in the Sicily and Italian nations wherein the members of any gang (Mafia) must not conspire against another gang even when tortured by the officials of the Government. The code of remaining silent is known as Omerta.The origin of the word Omerta is truly amazing. It stands for the Spanish word of “Hombredad” meaning “Manliness”. Sure, it takes hell of courage to be silent even when the enemy you face is none but yourself.  Talking about the rules, these people feel that they never break the rules but break themselves against the rules. The residual set of guys, who lead an unprincipled life, who generally move with the wind, never bothered about their aimless future nor about the present, refer to silence very rarely hence unaware of its prowess feel it to be dumbness.

Call it a spade or an Iron tool or whatever it may be, it is settled if it cuts through earth.

I have come across people who have shown remarkable ability in displaying silence. Actually, it was pretty easy for me to distinguish between people who convey different meanings using Silence. I hereby draw the inference that, Silence is just a language, it does not mean the dumbness in a person. It just means that they are mentally mature to use silence as a alternate source of communication. I would like to share with all you readers the different meanings of silence that I have encountered during the journey of my life, precisely a part of my life.

Here again, i would like to demarcate between people as
1. Those who are Close to me.
2. Those who are not exactly close.
3. My Family
4. Others.
5. Anti-Silent people ( The past image of the author ).

People who remain close to my heart rarely displey silence. It is actually the nature of my birth to keep talking and keep the people around me entertained. I go by the notion that, I can make people happier only when I am truly happy. So the main motto of my lifetime is that, anything I do must be directed to make people happy. Closer friends, especially the descendents of Eve, display silence as a mark of anger, concern or even utter exhausion. But, by virtue of my experience they never remain in silence for long. You would also come across that the period of silence never even crosses a moment. It so happens because you understand the heart of those you really show your love and affection to and a simple smile puts end to all their worries. Now comes the other part of friends, those whom i refer to as the embodiments of Hercules, not to mean exactly the physical strength but the strength at heart. They rarely display their silence to me, it is because of many attributes the main one being, my group comprises of guys who generally speak out. if i err in any part, i get hit in Point-blank range. So silence has virtually no business here. Always just like some of the provisions of the the Income Tax act, I too have friends whom i am not much familiar with, id est, whose decisions i feel my inability to influence. They display their silence for various reasons ranging from Invitation to a  movie and ending with Betrayal at Point-blank. Words are not enough to express…… Let me push ahead….

People who are not exactly close to me are those who do not or never involve me or feel my involvement as interference. You might be knowing the difference between Interference and Involvement. It is just one step ahead. In simple words you can feel involved when the beneficiary asks you “Why trouble yourself to this extent?”. The moment the question changes to “Why do you keep telling this all time?” or “I don’t care about the consequence”, prepare to exit, you are interfering. Coming back to the topic, these set of people display Silence as a mark of protest. To my friends who may come across this article, you know that I live for I, My Family, My friends ( In short I, Me, Myself ) and I don’t give a damn about others whom i don’t even bother caring. So the protests go on just similar to the protest of the my Comrade friends to bring in Democracy in this nation.

Next comes my family, technically this is a point where the situation of plenty in words become a problem. I need to choose my words. It is so because, i have learnt it from kids that mis-interpretation of words just renders the whole conversation futile. Wow!!! The word MIS-INTERPRETATION shakes me off balance, I wonder what a brilliant language PERCEPTION is. Ok, My family , consisting of my parents and my sister, generally use the ultimate weapon of silence to bring me to ground. It might be new for those who have seen me talking about never losing the cool at any point in life. but alas! I am a normal son ( atleast at home ), at times I leap upto Cloud 14 or 17 leaving out the Cloud Nine whenever i am ou of control. So it takes all the might of my family to make me hit dirt. It is actually a great exercise because, a person with his head filled with Joy or rage, never hears anything. So, the power of silence lies in taming the beast in you.

Others. Doesn’t the word sound funny. Who are these guys. Where do they originate.Why have i brought them into this article which is going to be read by just a handful. They are the set of people whom i do not encounter regularly in my daily activities, but those who leave a lasting impression in your heart for long. Needless to say, my first and the evergreen impression on meeting these people was “Phew!! The world is indeed a bigger place. I have just lessed it in size till date”. This batch of people have filled me with abundance of knowledge on ways to handle silence. On a very intricate observation i found that one person’s usage of silence was exactly in contradiction with the utility of another. Some persons used it as a tool to mask their ignorance whilst the others used it as a shield of modesty. One great man commented to me ” He who knows more talks less, for he knows its value”, these words just sent me directly to Intensive Care Unit.

Last but not the least, the group i have mentioned as the Anti-social, sorry guys, it was just a mistake of words, Anti-silent group. They fall into a category of guys where i belong(ed). They rarely display silence, never precisely. But, will this group last long….. Time mends everything except a leaking pipe…..

Till now i have taken you all into the boring ride in my mind boat talking and talking about the encounters i had had in my life. In the next part i would like to introduce you to the Other Side of Me. Don’t expect me to match the Autobiography of the world’s best story teller Late.Sidney Sheldon…….

But, remember, you only can be the author of your Autobiography.


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  1. Bhagi
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 18:19:07

    A pretty long post that talks about silence. pretty ironic, me thinks! lol… nice one actually. And thats quite an encompassing classification of people.

    P.S:slightly increase the font size.


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