Attachments – Comes with Sidekicks

Prologue :

I had finished my earlier blog stating to give my experience with Silence. It was easy for the Great man Gandhiji to write his book ” My Experiments with Truth” because he lived his life on True words. But it is a novel experience for me and will take time to give my inferences in a Nut-shell. Let me jump to my next topic.

Attachments :

You live in this world with billions of fellow beings. Actual fact is that we share this place with people whom we know and also the unknown. An average specie of the category homo sapien meets about a million persons in his life time. Don’t get me wrong. I just cooked up that count and it is a number chosen out of thin air. You may even intend to spend your life time in your own shell or cocoon and never come out to breath open air in this huge world. But still, there are others like me around you guys who thave their own plans of knowing you.

Let me not roam around the topic. I am about to show some light on the attachments that we create whenever we are moving on with people. As the title reminds you, attachments are not free of any sidekicks. What do i exactly mean by side-kicks? I wish to convey the feeling that you may not be able to remain as yourself when you are faced with an issue concerning the person you care the most. But remember, ” You never face any unique problems, all the problems you are ever going to face have already been traveled by those before, who have left a trail, to make your journey comfortable.”

Attachment. What is it? How does it feel to be attached to a person? What are all the different types of attachments you might develop? Questions come in battalions and me as a True soldier will be dealing with every arrow, but one at a time.

Attachment is a feeling of bonding that you develop in creating an intimate relationship with a person who showers true affection on you with whole of his heart. Attachment is also marked by its Spontaneous nature and the cornerstone and the foundation block for this bonding is TRUST.

The sidekick here is the degree of trust that you place upon the person you care. It need not be like our Vodafone Care, and follow your partner’s thought step by step. The highest degree of trust is just like the Greatest truth, it can never be put in words. Trust is the only thing that is created in an Instant and can be lost in another instance. The next common sidekick is the environment we belong to. We live in a world where we are surrounded by people who have a beautiful smile all along their life. Also we have otehrs who just roam around with their Portrait like Fake smiles. Trust me i have seen many in my brief stint of being attached. The introduction of Hypocrisy in any relationship is just like drilling holes in the boat you are traveling.
These two are the most common Man-made traps you walk into while making out and maintaining relationships.

It is a common phenomenon for any person person to maintain various types of attachments in his living days. The basis of all such bonding is the FOUR lettered TOOL called LOVE. Clear heads would get the meaning right away. For others, By LOVE, i mean to show your dedication to provide selfless service and sacrifice yourself for nothing in return but TRUE love.

Once the legendary actor, Jhonny Depp, was questioned :

  • What is the purpose of life ?
  • What is the most sacred thing in life ?
  • What is worth living for ?
  • What is the only thing worth dying for ?

He answered back with one word for all the 4 questions as ” LOVE ”

Truly, we display varied degrees of love towards our fellowmen from Brotherhood to the most Beloved. You may call a guy to be your brother or your lover. It makes no difference to me because deep down your heart the basis is Love. The way you express might be totally different, but the foundation is the same. I would have built a Beautiful residence, you build a Commercial skyscraper, that is all the difference it makes. By clear thinking you will realize that love and affections goes beyond the worldly relationships of Brotherhood and et cetra. The emphasis on relational words for a longer period of time cuts out the value for the human element in it.

To substantiate my view let me recall an anecdote, rather an excerpt from a book,

” Once a student approaches a Wise man and asks him, ” If I study every day, how long will it take for me to become as wise as you are?”. The Wise man replies, ” 5 years”. The eager boy questions back,” If i double my efforts and study day and night, how long will it take for me to reach my goal”. The man replied calmly, “10years”. The boy looked perplexed. The Wise man explained, ” If you have one eye fixed on the Destination, you have only one eye left to guide you to the rest of the journey”.

The following traits are generally found in a person who truly displays his love for everyone around him……

# Selfless Service : ( My Motto )
Standing by and waiting for an opportunity to give his best and always asking, ” WHo else can I serve” instead of asking ” What is in it for me “.

# Involuntary Reactions :
Just as you can hardly control the blinking speed of your eye or even you heartbeats ( Remember!!! I have quit arguing), you will not be able to hold your impulsive reactions to the persons you love the most.

# Sacrifice :
True to say, you will never enjoy anything like sacrificing for the person you care the most excepting when you feel it as a pain. It is just a pleasure, Feel it.

# Abundance of Concern :
No words to explain ABUNDANCE. Those who get it will feel it.

So, when you truly admire and show affection to a person, be ready for its side-effects because as i had said earlier Concern is perceived in many ways, not just by the society, but also by the person whom you care the most. We must never create a Mirage of Attraction or any sorts of Infatuations at any point of time. But, i asked you just to be careful, because when we prioritize our love, society comes last.

Signing off this episode with a Quote from a ever-detached person:

” Make others Win ; Still you Lose
Sacrifice for Others ; feel the pleasure “

Same words for ever attached person – Just swap the words ” Others” with    ” Yours “….

Adios Amigo


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Panda
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 03:36:51

    IMHO, love is an emotion which is given excessive but unnecessary importance. By loving (getting attached to) something, one is just clouding one’s decision making ability and logic. It can be treated in the same stature of any other emotion, such as anger, passion, greed etc, which limits our capacity to understand, formulate and manipulate details.

    Besides, the only proper reason why one emotion is rated much higher than the other is because it has been this way probably since the dawn of time. Our laws are framed on this, our society are governed by this, the saints lecture constantly on this, we have been taught this since child hood and told this is right and that is wrong; the pattern has been so much ingrained in our brain that it would take quite an effort to unlearn this pattern.

    Calm (un-patterned) speculation about the root of each emotions could perhaps provide us with much more insights into the way we think or behave, than all our patterned learning and structured emotions reveal.

    you know who 😀


  2. Vj
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 09:10:15


    First of all your blog looks too congestive meaning in terms of choice of words. For one to understand a blog , its important that you read their minds as well. Congestive i meant that it could have been a bit more simple and more explanatory by itself(i think your’s was not self explanatory). Your blog does not find gap for people to breathe while they read it, i am not being offensive in commenting on it but just trying to poin out the drawbacks. Else its very fine in all other aspects. Good Luck. Bye


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