Withering Tender Leaves – Time to Fortify

We proudly associate our country as the Country filled with natural wonders. We often rebuke when people call our nation as Under-developed. We take pride in saying that we share the oldest civilization and even say that Westerners were eating raw meat when we started Cooking. However, does all this give the exact picture of what we are at present? We have actually faked our prestige. Pardon me for my words, but that is the word to use for those, who still think we are the best. We are the citizens of the nation where all sorts of mishaps occur. Never refute my argument stating that many countries in the world are much worse. The only explanation to this argument would be that “ TO BECOME THE BEST, WE MUST BE THE BEST “.

The Things that we are Best in ( Presently ) :

  1. Complaining about the Government administration.
  2. Bribery
  3. Human (Particularly Girl children) Trafficking
  4. Adulteration in all goods.
  5. Fanaticism about Cricket – Especially My Demi-God Sachin
  6. Child Marriage

In this list only two things are of primary importance and the impact created by other issues are nothing but insignificant sparks in the development of our nation. Those issues are Human Trafficking and Child Marriage. Our beloved leader Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam used to say, “ Youngsters are the backbone of our nation”. Those two activities render Instant paralysis of our nation’s development by crushing our Spine.

This is indeed high time that we join forces and put a full stop to the crime made against the tender leaves of this nation. Just a glance through the CHILD MARRIAGE RESTRAINT ACT, 1929 made me feel shell-shocked. The penalty provision of the said act was the most humorous one even beating Steve Martin one on one.

It says that,

1. Punishment for male adult below twenty-one years of age marrying a child.-

Whomever, being a male above eighteen years of age and below twenty-one, contracts a child marriage shall be punishable with simple imprisonment, which may extend to fifteen days, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.

2. Punishment for male adult above twenty-one years of age marrying a child.-

Whoever, being a male above twenty-one years of age, contracts a child marriage shall be punishable with simple Imprisonment, which may extend to three months and shall be liable to fine.

Hey are you kidding. Just Rs. 1,000. I think even the boy who drops newspapers for us earns much more… Wont these Criminals have Rs. 1,000 to spoil the life of a Girl….

Also the Imprisonment ranging from 15 days to 3 months, allows the criminals to spoil the lives of 4 Girls every year at least…

Cool Huh!!! The Government of our country is busy tracking down the scam involved in the Spectrum Auction worth about 50,000 Crores of rupees. Not even the media who say they reflect the true state of our nation are bothered about the Crime commiited against the Children of this nation whose First prime minister’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day. Irony of Fate.

Let us now get therough the fact file released by the UNICEF

(Source : http://www.unicef.org/media/media_45451.html)

  • Worldwide, more than 60 million women aged 20–24 were married before they reached the age of 18.
  • The extent of child marriage varies substantially between countries, but about half of the girls who are affected live in South Asia.
  • Child marriage is becoming less common overall, but the pace of change is slow. In 34 of the 55 countries with comparable data from two recent surveys, there has been no significant change in the percentage of women aged 20–24 married by 18 – and only 5 countries experienced a decrease of more than 10 per cent.
  • 45 per cent of women aged 20-24 in South Asia, 40 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa, were married as children.
  • Child marriage is a violation of child rights, compromising the development of girls and often resulting in premature pregnancy and social isolation. Worldwide, more than 60 million women aged 20-24 were married before they reached the age of 18. The extent of child marriage varies substantially between countries, but about half of all girls who are affected live in South Asia.

Raise an Eye-Brow – Lose your Dignity :

Bhanwari Devi, a valiant woman who was from a backward village of Rajasthan committing the sin of raising her voice against Child Marriage contracted by the so-called upper caste, got the fitting reward not only from the Elders and also from the Great Indian Legislature.

The allocade she got during the year 1992 has left a very big mark, never be surprised to hear what she got. She was gang raped by 5 persons from the so called upper caste. Satirically it included a priest. Gods Beware!!!!! The most touching part is the person who was left to be a spectator of this gruesome spectacle, the person who took the oath to stand by her side in Happiness and Sorrow, her husband.

Did she resort to the stereotype Indian movie style? She was a fighter, had the attitude and roared “mujhe nyay chahiye”(I want justice). When she approached the court of law, the greatest theatrical comedy was staged.

The judge ordered Medical examination, for the requirement of a female medical examiner she had to travel quite a bit to Jaipur and can you imagine how long this take did. 52 horrid hours of examination. The next scene that was coming up was the most expected one,

Money Money !!! Yeah Yeah!!!

Money Money !!! Yeah Yeah!!!

As usual the suspects came up with suitcases to buy a blanket to cover the truth. But, the pivot point of this cover up was the judgement. I advice only the strong hearted and the people who have a strong sense of humour to continue. I give two excerpts form the judgement:

“ Bhanwari Devi was a Dalit and so, her rapists — upper caste men — could not have possibly raped her. “

“It isn’t possible in Indian culture that a man who has taken a vow to protect his wife, in front of the holy fire, just stands and watches his wife being raped, when only two men almost twice his age are holding him.’ The judgment also states that it is highly improbable that an uncle and his nephews would commit rape together. The presence of one Brahmin amongst those accused leads the judge to observe that gangs in rural areas are not usually multi-caste and so the accused could not have acted together. “

Even when I watching the Scary Movie 4, I had not fallen off the chair, rolling in laughter. These two sentences have rekindled my urge to read the Judgments of our learned judges for my pastime.

Now it has been 15 years since the crime against this woman was staged. She is now the leader of Child Protection. However, did she get the justice done? No.  Three of the five convicts are now dead. What is left is just the wrapper, with no true meaning in it. This is a good lesson for both Criminals and the Hyper Fast Judicial system of our nation.

Start the Repair Work

We Indians take pride in complaining – Here I do not just say others, I include myself in this juncture. Nevertheless, this issue requires serious repair works to be do    ne. Therefore, we must change our style a bit and start thinking about the future repairs to be done.

Repair work what do I exactly mean here. I mean to organize a Campaign to make this Government feel the heat of this issue and bring about a serious change in the Legislature to instill fear in the minds of vandalizing scavengers who would never dream to spoil the Tender leaves of the tree that is Blooming towards prosperity.

Will you join forces with me………….

Everything in this world Lasts for ever, Unless you force yourself to think otherwise.

Never think that my blogs are getting worse day after day, if it appears so, just convince yourself that Moon is in the Waning phase and will become a Full moon, some day or the other.


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