Sacrifice – A Silent Symphony


This is the most happiest and entertaining act of my lifetime. As usual leading life step by step, Let us analyse the sentence for its importance.

Sacrifice – Happiness – Entertainment


Does it really make any sense? Sacrifice refers to an act of losing something. To be precise, losing something that is yours for the sake of the one you love or you care about. Our first job on hand must be to consider all the factors that would be required to call an act as Sacrifice. First up, is it really worth your time to study this Blah Blah Blog. Just think aloud for a moment. If you feel like spending your time to help a guy who really wishes to say something, then I can say that you are Sacrificing your time for this poor soul.

What are the factors that are essential to call it a Sacrifice? Guys! Do you think, I am worth to talk about it? Even if you think otherwise just move on.

  • Possession of something, both material and immaterial.
  • Willingness to give up.
  • For your loved ones.
  • The Closing Act – Silence.

Starting off with the word POSSESSION. What did we bring to this world, to say it’s ours and lose it in our life time. Hey! I never said those words, Lord Krishna said the same when he was giving THE BIG Lecture in midst of an ensuing battle to his favorite disciple Arjuna. So, we have nothing to lose, except our-“self”. This is the reason I have used the 2 words Material and Immaterial. As expected I have not used those to mean opposite of each other. Words mean different things to different people. For those who look at words, it just gives the meaning, for others who look beyond; it is the enunciation of truth.

The word material that I have used here has the same meaning as referred in Auditing Assurance Standard 13 (Pretty Number huh!), now renamed as Standards of Quality control, (You can call it Poo or Puypam or whichever way you like )– Audit Materiality. It states that an item can be considered material if an error or false statement makes the observer to change his opinion. So whatever you possess can be considered Material, if by losing it, you make people around you turn their heads in Surprise. Hope, I had given you a head start on what material possessions in life are, if not, contact me in person. I assure you, I will make you an offer which you cannot refuse…..

Next comes Immateriality. ( Inga Vachan da Kadhaiyile Twist ) As I said earlier, immateriality doesn’t mean the opposite of materiality. Here, immaterial possession draws its root from the opposite of the term Material meaning Physical possession. I know that unless I give out a few examples I might not achieve what I am about to emphasise upon. It might be your friendship, principles, habits, dreams, expectations, even your love(s). Clarification: Plural of love is love(s).

I think I have achieved one thing now. Do you get a feeling that you actually possess something or the other?

An excerpt from the book, Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu:

Therefore the Master acts without doing anything

Teaches without saying anything.

He has but doesn’t possess; acts but doesn’t expect.

When his work is done, he forgets it.

That is why it lasts forever.


The Second factor is the hardest part. Actually not as hard when compared to Apologising or Forgiving, for I have done neither in life, sincerely. I had said, Giving up your possessions. What does the act of Giving up mean? I would rather put it this way, Losing something with the objective of losing it. Nothing in this world is so clear that it does not need any examples; let me provide you a simple example to prove what is giving up.

A person is a chain smoker. Due to the persistent requests from a friend, he agrees to quit smoking. The next is a person who is having a bad habit of infusing strength to people. But when he is faced with people who are just thinking low of themselves just as a habit, he feels it is safe to relax his habit a bit. Is there an act of giving up here…..? No not in both the cases. There is an act of loosening your character in the second case; still it cannot be elevated to the pedestal of sacrifice. Let me present a case wherein a person hides his dreams and expectations for the good of others around him. This act is the best example of Sacrifice. A small reminder, giving up some of your habits to make someone quit smoking is not actually sacrifice, it is known as emotional black-mail, it is not the effective way to achieve things, for better ways contact me.

The next factor, Loved ones. Actually I had dealt with this topic in a brief detail previously. So the remaining part is to decide that whether the person really needs that sacrifice or is having some ulterior motive while seeing us sacrifice. Everything here depends upon the circumstances of the case. Here I might use the word persons “Deserving Help”. It takes a mature mind to identify between the ones who need and who deserve help. All I can do is offer help and not enumerate on details of distinguishing between people. So this factor is left to the mercy of people who are not just able to sacrifice but are also willing to sacrifice. Whenever I am posed with such a situation I go by my maxim;

“If you get to win something and lose something by doing, Do it;

If you win some and lose nothing, just Do it;

If you lose some and win nothing, still do it for others might win;

But when there is nothing to win or lose, never think of doing it ”


This is where I embrace the oldest and noblest of the Leadership tradition, DO EVERYTHING WITH A PURPOSE.


The last factor to be considered before finishing this analysis of the Sacrifice is to remain silent. When the job is done the best possible finishing touch would be to say it all with a smile and never utter a word about it again. Silence!! Phew, try it once; you will know how hard it is. People will just rebuke me saying I cannot speak of Silence for it is a perfect stranger to me. Silence has a deep meaning than words. As I had said earlier, Words mean different to different people. For those who look at words, it just gives the meaning, for others who look beyond; it is the enunciation of truth. Seek the truth in giving selfless service and remain silent about it. Your noble deeds shall never go unrewarded.

I tried asking a few of my friends about what they felt about the word sacrifice. Let me list them for your knowledge:

  • There is always an act that people are capable of doing but are not willing to do. So, it is better to say I can than to say I might. This is sacrifice.
  • Selfless service that is not directed towards any goal.
  • Mother.
  • Giving yourself willingly and with the full intention for other’s good.
  • Life
  • Giving one’s own self for others without feeling the pain and with happiness.
  • A rare answer – Orange colour. Giving up something that was or is very dear or close to me wholeheartedly.
  • The act of one being flexible enough and sort of sacrificing nature to make relationship go on.
  • Foregoing something which you like for your beloved ones.
  • Mother who had sacrificed many little pleasures to bring us up.


But, what does Sacrifice result in. Remember it has two parties involved in it. It is pretty sure that the beneficiary will be made comfortable. But what about the person who is making the sacrifice. Is it a Pain or Pleasure to him? This is the time where I say Adios to my friends leaving you to think about the Perfect Paradox I have introduced. Pain or Pleasure!! To sign out a finishing word to my dear friends,

Harder chisels are directed towards tender wood; for it is easy to prod into.

But, see yourself as a Chisel;

Once you shape a hard rock, people revere you as an Artist.

Choose to live the hard way. But never walk the harder path, lead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Adios Amigo.


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