The Art of Winning and Losing – Still Play the Game

Had there been any activity in this Universe that would never let you lose, you will probably never learn anything but be DUMB –Words of a Demi God

As said in my earlier blog, I was planning to write under the banner “Pain and Pleasure: A Perfect Paradox”. However, a sudden brainwave caught me and made me write about the Art of Losing. Since I was not ready to give a negative impression on the readers, I added the word winning also. So let me start this work. One humble request to all my readers, once you start reading this, I need your Full attention and a bit of interaction. Visualise that Guru is standing right before you and giving you this lecture. Costumes and Tenor your Choice. I call this a lecture because I have learnt this out of my experience that people are never interested in hearing to what I say. This write-up is for the rest.

Therefore, where do I start with? Exchange of pleasantries, Hi, how are you, Howz life… With your permission, shall I Press the Fast-Forward button and jump straight in to the topic. I have claimed that the act Winning and Losing is an Art. By the way, what is an Art? I am sure you will give me examples like Singing, painting etc., but the definition of art is so simple. Anything that requires the Two Ingredients (No Secret Ingredients like the Kung-fu Panda) of Skill and Constant Practice is called an Art. Poof! As usual, I am going into theory; let me divert the attention elsewhere.

Answer me now. How many of you have faced Defeat or Failure in life.

The next side of the Coin is to be put before you. How many of you have never faced Failures in life or Conceded Defeats. Guys! I am holing my hand high in the air nearly touching the sky and looking for company. Do I have any one…? I can see the wild look in many faces now asking how a guy who claims to have never faced failures in life say that it is an Art.

“I need not climb a mountain to tell that it is High or it is Tall”

For those who have faced Defeat previously, please go through the well-phrased four questions that can provide the insight on where lies the Cause:

  • When do you lose?
  • When you give up.

  • When do you Give-up?
  • The time you are out of Energy.

  • When do you run-out of Energy?
  • The Time when your limits are Broken.
  • When is your limits breached?
  • When you do not love what you do, or treat it as a Duty.

Now please read the questions up side down with the alternative answers and you will find these things,

  • When I love whatever I do and give my heart out.
  • I am never exhausted and my limits are never broken.

  • When my Limits are never broken.
  • I never run out of energy.

  • When I never run out of energy.
  • I never give up.

  • When I never give up.
  • Question of Losing does not arise.

Once you start loving whatever you do, you will have limitless enthusiasm to do it. Once you are limitless, energy will flow just like Words from Guru, just non-stop. When you have non-stop energy, you never feel like giving up. When you never give-up, Losing does not appear. You may even question me asking, “Hey! Don’t you run out of energy ever” or even remark saying, “Talking can be very easy, but Waking the Talk is impractical”. As usual, I can just smile and ask you one simple question, “Have you ever seen me upset over losing or heard me saying the words “I Quit!””. Call it advertising, I refer it to as Setting up examples.

After doing away with the thought of Losing, for we have no reason to lose from now on, let us discuss about Winning. Both, winning and losing, being the same sides of the Coin, is entirely dependent on the Coin itself. Here I refer Coin as the tool that represents your dreams, expectations. I am not a strong believer of having dreams. I go by the maxim that, “Your dreams are just the Stars, you may try to reach it but you cannot actually end up doing so. Use it as a guiding light for a greater destination.

Consider this Cycle. Dreams lead to Desires. Desires lead to Expectations. It leads to Efforts. Efforts lead you to Success or Failures. They in turn result in dreams.

I have continued the cycle even after the success because Human mind is never content with smaller achievements and always eyes the next levels to conquer. For people who might question my usage of Continuation after a failure, with deep regrets. I started this blog to cultivate the habit of Never Giving Up.

People closer to me will know that I am a person who never encourages cultivation of expectations except minor exceptions, for there is always a possibility of Disappointment in the end. In addition, the ultimate creator has not given everyone to face disappointments with a smile. A small excerpt from the prized book I adore, Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu :

“The Leader has no ambitions;

Gives his services, never worries

So, he succeeds in everything he does”

So appraise yourself first. If you can feel that, you have the heart to face the disappointment and have the energy to achieve everything you think, and then dream. Give you heart out on your dreams, you will succeed.

Even after you have heard so much from your friend, you will still be something standing between your efforts and your success. I call that emotion as Fear. It is not the fear of failure, but the fear of other’s reactions on your failure. We are leading our life in this world just for others, but never let success or failures com in a way to affect others. So, why let the unwanted fear develop and step back from YOUR WELL DESERVED SUCCESS.

To finish off this lecture a small quote,

“Few people live their whole life, trying to win by Giving up;

However, once you start seeing Life the other way, you realize Life is beyond winning

So never quit and keep Trying ”

All I wanted to do in this short life is to see that I am of some use to the people around me and before I quit being mortal, self-repeat the words of Robert Frost,

“I shall be telling this with a sigh,

Ages and ages hence,

Two roads diverged in a Yellow wood and

.I chose the one less travelled by and

it has made all the difference”

Am Lving Livida Loca…..


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  1. Sundararaman
    May 13, 2009 @ 06:29:33

    Guru this is good. Some small suggestions:
    a) Try to restrict the blog to no more than a page.
    b) Provide lot of weblinks for the item
    c) Blog is more a collation of various articles appearing elsewhere and conclusions based on your theme.
    Wish you all the very best.


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