What does it Cost you to Smile

A solitary white egg-head playing with his toy and another one just pestering him. After getting frustrated, the first one with a single blow of a whistle calls for a group of friends to take care of the imposter. Truly, the Zoo-Zoo concept rocks. It surely brings in a broad smile to anyone including those who were crying or deeply hurt.

Therefore, just as everything requires a value placed on it, which I am going to refer as Price, smiling too has a price. You can even term it as hidden costs, other charges applicable etc. What exactly am I trying to say here is that Smiling has lost its spontaneity. Even in many people whom I interact regularly, I have seen that very few have a natural smile; others just try to force a smile. In tougher words to say, Emotions are now being Emoted. I don mean to refer the usage of Smilies and other stuff, just the smile has vapourised into thin air.

What exactly is this drama around now? Why is this dependence on some event to make you smile? What burdens you so much to sport such a long face? Hey! Even the great Atlas (Mythological Hero) when shouldering the globe never showed a long face. I asked the same question to few of my friends who replied in the following fashion:

  • May be we are preoccupied with something that happened earlier during the day. Something to feel sorry about or something irritating.
  • Because we are thinking of ourselves than others
  • We would deeply be thinking about something else. . We might feel what others would think. .
  • May be we spend too much of time worrying about stuff to think of smiling…. Also may be we take ourselves too seriously. We miss that spring in the steps that happiness can give u by sometimes wallowing in self-pity.
  • Most of us think we are grown and matured. We forget the fact that smile is the best greeting. When we assume that we have grown we cut our smile to strangers
  • Because people are so concerned about others
  • Its because we are pre occupied with our past or worried about some thing. We tend to forget to appreciate the small beauties around us…
  • Main reason for the smile fading is tension.
  • Everyone always does. It sometimes does not come out.

Therefore, the predominant answer was, we take life too seriously. Disraeli once pointed out, “Never take life too seriously, you can never escape it alive”. Therefore, what is exactly the point in keeping the sad rainy face? Ask yourself a question, what was my happiest day in life. I know you might just have a list. Nevertheless, how many of you actually thought that my TODAY, this moment is my happiest. You may complain of the problems you face, I feel that you are still alive friend, what else you need to make life colourful.

My friend once pointed about the Scientific Fallacy of Newton’s wheel. It contains about 25 colours shaped just like our Ashoka Chakra. When it starts spinning faster, you get to see the Colour WHITE that is not in the wheel. Therefore, you seek solace in meddling with your problems and eventually forgetting the power of Smile that is always visible when you step out.

You think that you are the only person facing all such problems in your group and always asking the question “Why ME?”. Have you ever set up the tone to face the problem with a smile and say “TRY ME”. That is what I call the first step to enjoy life. Once you start smiling, you will see its powers. You will feel the positive energy gripping through you day after day. Even if you cannot bring up a natural smile, try acting it. For acting like a leader always grooms you into a leader. Same holds good here.

However, nothing works out without a reward, I know. Therefore, here is my offer. One year from now on try presenting a smiling face to anyone who you come across. See the positive impact in you as well as in the group surrounding you. Come back to me with your feedback. I will reward you with a book titled “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, fondly referred as the Little Big Book. I will keep my word, for all I want is Smiles all around this globe. See even here everything has a Prize (Price)!!!

There is a saying, “We are all not created just to smile, but also to make others smile”. Ponder on this topic. I will be back with my next edition.

Adios Amigo. Am Living Livida Loca.

P.S : Remember ! Remember! One year from now, Must be a life full of Colours.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kartik
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 13:04:12

    I think I should have got my prize a year back. I always smile on all occasions


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