Is Adam never complete without his Eve

I am one of the guys who always have a stream of thoughts running side by side deep inside my mind. Those thoughts range from how am I going to give life to my Demat Account where I lost a hefty sum of money to how am I going to get back home soon. But off late due to various factors and events, one thought has been ringing deeply in my heart – seeking out my Eve.

It all began one day, now a month has passed and I have not made any progress yet. Why am I thinking about this? What make me think about my dream girl? There can be no answer for this, as it is easy to question but difficult to answer. I can even hear blood gushing between my ears, a reminder that my head is a hollow piece of bone, with the muscle filling called brain missing. As pointed out by Lady 111 – empty head is imaginary full head. It all makes me wonder what science says about the Law of Attraction, Infatuation and Love. They say Science is theory, so why bother that when we speak of practical things.

Yeah. I got it. Ask me what – till now I never had an idea what am I going to write about. Now I got some blah blah stuff to write.

First up, I went on to ask this question – DO I ACTUALLY NEED ONE. Sorry guys, it might be a bit uneasy to use the word WE at all the places and taking the liberty that I reside in your thoughts, I resorted to the self-questioning method. I couldn’t find out a suitable reason that I need a better half. I was just going through the biography of Nikola Tesla, a superman inventor who replaced women and Love in his life with Science and Electricity. The opening verses said,

“His successful story paradoxically proves that even the most successful life, if it does not include a woman, is a dismal failure”.

So resorting to the source we confirm that Eve was made out of the vertebra of Adam. Hence, literally speaking Eve becomes the backbone of the activities of Adam through out his life. Now, it has become a historical and biological necessity for me to have a spine, id est, a better half especially a Girl. Ok, now since the first question of necessity is answered, next comes the question on the level of affection to be placed.

Actually, I don’t believe in this concept of different degrees of love. It is too notional to give arise to the concept of Possession and Expectations. I always advocate the thought, “Whatever you do, do it with your full heart”. So does the level of love you place amongst people make any difference? But, practicality makes me say Yes. Tell me one thing, how many of you dare to go to your best friend irrespective of their gender and say I Love you my dear friend!!! In our culture we have a distinction between Love and Friendship. So we have a hesitation to appreciate the beauty in the underlying concept of Love.

Where am I leading you all here? We have many people around us who are deprived of true love and affection. Hence, do you think it is worth the time of your life to search for your soul-mate or your so-called Better half then pour your heart out? It will surely elicit wild reactions from all my readers. But got to say this is the main reason I chose to write this blog. I never intended to mean that this concept of better half as useless, but the allocation of time for searching one requires serious consideration.

Let me close off this topic with a few words of mine, “When you can share your love and bring genuine smiles in the faces of people around you, why bother searching for those faceless persons far off from you and try sharing your love”. I measure people by heart and far off means the same.

Spread your Love just as you Smile.

Am Livin La Vida Loca.

Répondez s’il vous plaî [Respond if you please]

PS : Try making a few people around you smile. The feeling is divine and will place you just next to God.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bhagi
    Jun 30, 2009 @ 16:56:48

    Ha Ha Ha… I know why u wrote this post. I can see u r trying to break free from the “love circle” 😉 Do the others know this?


  2. Kartik
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 13:11:07

    unakku ponnu kadikaadhu da aapidiyum kadichudhunaa ennakum oru chance irukku


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