Sky is Falling

Sky is Falling!! End is Near!!

Sky is Falling!! End is Near!!

One fine evening, things were just going on as usual. A few mis-fits creating nuisance to my regular life. To create a diversion, I took up the job of assisting my mom in shopping for the monthly provisions. But, people never let my Hot-head cool down. I get a call from Chicken Little saying, “Sky is Falling!! World is coming to an end!! Run for your lives!!”. Actually, it was a call from my friend who had just Google-d the end of world and as usual, Wikipedia gives you hell lot of possibilities ranging from the Mayan Calendar to the predictions of my dear friend Nostradamus. The magical date of the end was set as 26.12.2012 (Just add the numbers of the date, it gives you 8 and add the month and year it too gives 8, quite interesting). My friend even used the words Armageddon and Apocalypse, which obviously he had flicked from the game of dumb-charades we played the other day. I just pacified him saying that My Nokia Calendar shows the world ends at 11.35 AM on 11 August 3015. In addition, the beloved Nostradamus predicted that world is coming to an end on 11th August 1998, a day of Solar Eclipse, also my Birth day. Since we are still living today, it shows he was a miserable failure. My friend was convinced and hung up. After the shopping, I came home. Had a good dinner and took my tablets for Sinus attack. It gave me a deep sleep. As usual, my mobile alarm went off at 7:30 AM, using the snooze button I delayed the sunrise until 8:15. I just opened my eyes and faced the calendar before me. My Goodness!!! It was 26th December 2012.

I tried hard recollecting the events from 11.08.2008 to 26.12.2012, guys, it is nearly 1600 days. I don’t have any recollection of it, just as the hero in Bourne Ultimatum. Did I clear my CA course, never mind the Actuary thing? Did I get a job? Main thing being, did I propose to someone or did I get some by chance? I rejected the possibility of marriage since my parents would have driven me out of home, had I been married. Push these things aside, I have ended up wasting 10 hours of the last day on earth!!

Let the past be past. I have to make quick plans that I live my last day on earth to the full satisfaction. I was feeling that I live my last hours in a memorable fashion. Nevertheless, to whose memory? Unaware of what to do, I just settled on my bed and drafted a final Good Bye plan. I switched on the television to find that Government had declared national holiday. I went back to my old thinking style, and got the following questions in my mind:

  • What were the TV news guys doing out there, when it is a national holiday?
  • What about the News Paper guys printing the papers for 27.12.2012?
  • What will be the fate of Astronauts let in space?
  • Who tore off the last page in Mayan Calendar?
  • Who, on earth, gave Nostradamus the god damn right to think?

As I was thinking, I just missed out the time left. All the clocks in the world were replaced by Countdown timers. I saw it and was shocked to see that, world ends in 30 minutes. Inspired by the Spartan attitude, the 300 guys, I stepped out to see how the end of world is going to face me… To my surprise, I saw a guy in white and white, just as if he was waiting for me. Wait, I have seen him before. Yeah! He was the guy who played the role of God in Bruce Almighty movie. I first mistook him to be a Sales Representative, but he showed his ID card and proved that he was God indeed. He just asked me one question, “Are you ready to fight?” I just nodded. He suddenly pulled out a pack of DVDs from his coat; it was all super-hero movies ranging from Super-Man to the latest series of X-Men (Wolverine). Out of madness, I chose to be John Storm (the Fire-man from Fantastic Four). God just smiled and said the Spider-man dialogue, “With great power comes great Responsibility”. I just looked at the Timer and found that I had just 10 mins and asked him how I turn my power on. God took out a jar of Semi-blue liquid and poured it on me. I thought it was for getting rid of any evil thoughts and was ready to start the fight. However, as I turned to say these words, I saw God rubbing a Match stick against the matchbox, I could smell kerosene all over me and I had asked to be the Fire-man. All the time I had was to say,

“Oh My God!!!!!”


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kartik Srinivasan
    Aug 16, 2009 @ 18:22:08

    This is your best one.

    It was a gripping one. I enjoyed it. No criticisms. it was a great work

    Write such things which will make readers take things in any way they need but enjoy.

    The humour was pretty good da. I read this without any feel of it being long or any commitment towards ur writing.

    It was interesting. Great improvemnet. Good going


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