Journey to the edges of the Map

I searched the entire database of Dictionaries in the whole of universe including the French to Hebrew LIFCO dictionary for the meaning of the phrase, “Adventure of a life time”. I couldn’t find it there. So, I had to seek it out in the Dictionary for the Jobless published in the 14th century. It gave the most precise definition. It read as,

One lazy Sunday, 4 mad guys, 2 definitely male bikes, 1 misfit helmet, 400 kilometres of gravel to conquer, an unknown hill to climb and many a miles to walk before returning to the nest.”

That was a literal transcript, for clearer version – One lazy Sunday, 4 mad guys, 2 definitely male bikes, 1 misfit helmet, 400 kilometres of gravel to conquer, an unknown hill to climb and many a miles to walk before returning to the nest.”

That’s what exactly happened. Let me take you back to the day when events unfolded like a big jigsaw puzzle and give you the taste of how things shaped up to give us the journey of a life time.

A dull Saturday was inching slowly towards the evening and the clock was too lazy to even strike 4 times to show that it is 4 PM. Just to show that the world is still functioning, my mobile rings, it was Kartik. Just as usual, he gave me the entire message in one breath and hung up. I had to rewind for a moment to get a clear picture. He said, “Plan for tomorrow, Thiruvannamalai. Bike trip. Giri-valam through the mountain path and you are in”. God! I was waiting for going on an adventure for quite some time and just as opportunity opened its arms, I latched it. I was thrilled to hear the team; it was me, Kartik, Aditya (his bro) and Rambo Karthik. Great mix of people. Also, a long trip on my bike was the one I was dreaming about quite a while. But, my Thumping bull was not ready for it had a few technical problems which my friend wouldn’t disclose. Still, promising to get it for my next journey, I prepared for the trip.

But, my hopes were crushed to a level Zero when I heard from Kartik by 9.30 PM that we would be going by car. The reason being a friendly well-wisher had instilled a game plan called Fear. By the Holy mother of God!! It was a shock to hear it coming from Kartik. Anyway, I went to sleep hoping for miracle to happen and ensure that we leave in bikes as this would be the longest bike ride for all of us in the team.

The D – Day:

I woke up by 3.00 in the morning and was ready to start to Kartik’s place and checked all the items I had to carry to the trip. Most important of all, the Sony camera, battery which was to be arranged by Kartik, was placed with extra care. I just bolted my way to his place to be gently surprised and shocked. Surprised because we were indeed going by bikes and shocked as he handed me two AA-sized batteries for my camera. He never knew the difference between the battery for Sony Camera and Sony batteries.

It was mesmerizing to notice his technological updates and I was quite sure that the latest invention he ever heard was the fast (!!) messaging service called the Morse code. Then the next surprise, Rambo saying that he chose to wear slippers reason being shoes were heavy for the hike, but he sported a heavy Jeans pant (not the AKJT style released by Levi’s). I was also surprised to see the Lady Income Tax awake and created another twist by asking us to go by car instead of bikes. I couldn’t handle any more surprises and left the decision making to Kartik who was slowly waking up from his sleep.

Vroom Vroom !!!

We started by 4.45 and took the NH 45 and sped our way up to the Iraniamman temple just near the Vandaloor Zoo to offer a Coconut to the Gods to ensure our safety. We silently obliged. Our first halt was at Mahindra City, an Info Tech park. Gosh!! It was like a ride through a foreign nation (technically it being a Special Economic Zone, it is a foreign country). But the presence of a few blown out and fused street lights confirmed that we are very much within India. We took a cup of tea and bolted towards our destination.

The Mist (Holy Smoke!!)

I was about to say, “The weather looks pleasant, hope it continues throughout the day”; it appears as if God was hearing me say that. All of a sudden, a blanket of fog engulfed us reducing the visibility to a very few metres. The chill wind just made our hands go numb. But, the view of the fog cover over the green fields and adjoining hills was breathtaking. Phew!! We stopped for a while to take a few snaps in Adi’s camera.

We cruised non-stop till we had to branch off from the National Highway and headed towards Thiruvannamalai. God!! The traffic was just lively. Lively enough to take out our lives. We stopped at Gingee fort (pronounced as Sen-jhi) to inquire about visiting the fort. After collecting the info we reached our destination by 8.45 and had a nice breakfast at Hotel Ramakrishna. (The Pongal was yummy indeed)

I take a break here and give you a breather, rest when i return….

I wish I had much time to write,

But night-time is way too unbearable to fight.

I am gonna let the deep sleep to conquer,

The Nocturnal Bird will keep singing forever………


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kartik Srinivasan
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 18:16:16

    Hey Nocturnal bird.

    I enjoyed the article as i was an integral part of the journey. I relived every moment while reading your post.

    It’s a trip of my life time and soon to change when we step on the parvathamalai.

    hoping to see the 2nd part and the answers to your questions. please get these fast and insert fotos.

    good write up.

    Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


  2. Shiva
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 06:15:01

    Complete it, let us see. Begin in perfect guru style, didn’t understand a letter, leave alone a word.



  3. Kartik Srinivasan
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 11:54:52

    Saying the same thing about not understanding guru’s language seems redundant. I feel the level of his writing has come down to suit the general people. This is again each one’s style. i have never seen you appreciating the content of the article.

    I sometimes feel you read the articles of guru with the mindset that the language is going to be bombastic.

    Lets read it with open mind and enjoy things the way it is.

    Great going suppudu shiva. I was just pulling your leg. have fun. keep blogging and commentig

    Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


  4. Bhagi
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 17:36:08

    “It was like a ride through a foreign nation (technically it being a Special Economic Zone, it is a foreign country)” Geek!

    Otherwise, nice description and a lot of bulid-up 🙂


  5. chanduji
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 17:38:53

    continue yer journey boss!!

    i really miss all these coz i have a car license and not for a bike!

    kuch karna hai to gurubhai banke karne ki shouk hai..
    gurubhai sirf ek hi hai!! 🙂


  6. Krishnan
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 04:42:45

    Nice one da. But the thing is you didnt mention that you lied to your mom and went on with the trip.

    And the Language used is not that BOMBASTIC as used by Aditya.


  7. kartik111087
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 09:20:35


    Great comment chanduji. Gurubhai sirf ek hi hai.
    Yeh gurubhai tho ek comedy piece hai sir.

    I dont expect a comment from the person who cant come for the trip. please delete krishna’s comment. I am completely irritated with the comments of such irrationally insane people.

    Krishna aap bhi ek mokkai piece hai.

    Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


  8. Harini
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 14:12:42

    Nice one…. nice description:):)


  9. you know !!!!!!!!
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 18:12:08

    poi padikure velai paru da bad words………..


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