Mid-summer Breeze

I used to lead a normal life,

but that was until i looked in your eyes.

Now I feel like flying high,

Oh! it is indeed a good life.


Let me say what i haven’t done.

For it was just filled with fun:


Never spoke just a word or two, or

greeted people i barely knew,

Sung a song without words; or

shouted loud and was never heard.


Danced to the tune that i didnt hear; nor

climbed the heights which i fear.

You made me do things,

that i had never done before.


Little did I know,

that i could fall off the floor.

Always I would wonder

about the What, When and How?

Never did i realise,

that i would really feel Love.

                                           – Nocturnal Bird


Return of the King

When I see it,

I feel like a Man.

When I touch it,

I feel like a King.

When I ride it,

I feel like God.

My Gentle Giant,

It’s Thump-Thump,

Keeps my heart going,

I feel Alive.

The Roaring Bull is back!!!!!!!


Guru's Gentle Giant

It is more than a Religion here!

It was the most sensational game,

We took a day off to witness the same,

It was a sunny day n too much was the heat,

Seeing Sachin play, my heart skipped a beat.

We were cruising at the beginning,

But the run rate kept falling,

It was like a man breathing his last,

But Raina saved us from our past.

We managed a decent score,

Though we expected 30 more,

It was our only chance with the ball,

And see our rivals take the fall.

Akmal Jr. gave a glimmer of hope,

But Bajji’s Doosra was too much to cope

I thought Afridi will go Boom Boom Boom,

But our guys got his team to Doom Doom Doom.

Misbah thought he would keep it nice n slow,

But eventually he was Pakistan’s fatal blow.

All they can do now is sit and wail,

As Always in the End, India Prevails.

  • Nocturnal Bird

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